Lara Rega

Assistant Crown Solicitor

Lara specialises in government insurance and risk and has over 20 years’ experience in litigation and dispute resolution in the private and public sectors. She leads one of our two Government Insurance and Risk teams which focuses in public liability claims and is the only team at Crown Law that specialises in medical negligence claims.

Lara has conducted more than 500 complex personal injury claims for the State of Queensland and has represented the State in the High Court of Australia, the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, District Court and Magistrates Court and has instructed counsel in all jurisdictions. 

As an expert litigator, Lara takes a proactive approach to her work. She has had conduct of some of Queensland’s most significant personal injuries litigation claims on behalf of the State including the Mount Isa lead poisoning litigation. Lara has also acted for the State in the cases of Hardy v Queensland Corrective Services Commission and Hegarty v Queensland Ambulance Service, which led to precedent making law regarding personal injuries claims. 

Lara has extensive experience delivering presentations and workshops to government clients on a range of topics including managing legal risk in the public sector, disclosure and managing workplace stress.

  • Managing the Mt Isa Mines Special Project which involved a series of claims concerning alleged poisoning of children in Mt Isa, causing illnesses and developmental delays as a result of exposure to lead from direct ingestion of contaminated dust and inhalation of dust.
  • Defending the Queensland Ambulance Service in the matter of Hegarty v Queensland Ambulance Service (2008) HCA Trans 121 which progressed to the High Court of Australia and set precedent making law in relation to stress claims brought by emergency services workers.
  • Defending the Queensland Corrective Services Commission in the matter of Hardy v Queensland Corrective Services Commission (2000) QSC 010 from its inception to its Supreme Court trial. The matter created precedent law in relation to stress claims brought by workers who were not in typically stressful jobs and the requirements of employers to guard against risk of psychological injuries in the workplace.
  • Conducting asbestos litigation arising from exposure to asbestos in the workplace.
  • Conducting litigation arising from exposure to asbestos by family members of State of Queensland employees through washing clothes.
  • Conducting complex bullying and harassment claims involving claims for serious psychiatric illness often occurring over a period of time and involving multiple defendants and third parties under the Workers’ Compensation Legislation and the Personal Injuries Proceeding Act 2002.
  • Overseeing and supervising the conduct of hundreds of claims including some of the State’s most significant and complex personal injuries claims including:
    • the litigation dependency claims brought in relation to the sinking of the vessel 'Malu Sara' which killed all on board
    • claims concerning alleged illness caused by formaldehyde in State-owned buildings
    • claims for psychiatric injury caused during a mine subsidence incident at Collingwood Park in 2008
    • litigation involving sexual abuse perpetrated on minors in the care of the State of Queensland
    • claims involving catastrophic injuries sustained by minors as a result of domestic violence
    • litigation involving catastrophic injuries sustained by tourists engaged in risky activities in Queensland’s national parks.