Rachael Murray

Assistant Crown Solicitor

Rachael has over 15 years’ experience in insurance and personal injuries law. She joined Crown Law in 2011 after working in the private sector with top tier law firms and insurers.

Rachael provides specialist legal advice to clients on physical and psychiatric claims, as well as indemnity, limitation and contribution issues.

Rachael’s corporate and insurance law experience includes:

  • managing a portfolio of panel defendant insurance matters, including workers’ compensation, compulsory third party, driver protection, public and occupiers’ liability and insurance liability
  • managing pre-proceedings claims and litigated matters
  • managing a portfolio for major insurance clients
  • managing right to information and administrative release requests
  • providing policy advice and interpretation for personal injury, public liability and professional indemnity insurers.

Rachael has worked on a number of significant projects including:

  • the Queensland Health Payroll Commission of Inquiry
  • the Queensland Racing Industry Commission of Inquiry
  • the Barrett Adolescent Centre Commission of Inquiry
  • the interaction and coherence of personal injuries legislation and regimes in Queensland
  • the effect of pre-proceedings legislation on the limitation of actions and its extension
  • strategies to contain settlements and awards in the northern jurisdictions.

Rachael has written and presented a number of papers on the following topics:

  • Workers’ compensation damages 2010 and beyond
  • Demystifying the workers’ compensation and rehabilitation claim process
  • Queensland workers’ compensation reforms 2010
  • Queensland workers’ compensation reforms 2010 and their effect on PIPA respondents
  • Respondent’s obligation to give information about the incident: Section 27, PIPA.

Whilst living in China, Rachael was involved with Hands-on-Shanghai, a volunteer organisation working with non-government organisations that service needs of charity organisations in Shanghai, China.

As Project Coordinator at the Shanghai Children’s Medical Centre, Rachael developed and implemented a quasi-educational program for ward patients of a children’s hospital that involved the development and facilitation of activities sensitive to the needs of young patients of differing abilities and their parents.