Susan Chrisp

Executive Director

Susan is among our longest-serving senior officers, having joined the Department of Justice and Attorney-General in 1993. In addition to her private sector experience, Susan has held a number of varied roles across Queensland Government – with the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, the Department of Health, Queensland Treasury and, in earlier years, Queensland Transport, Family Services, Arts Queensland and Queensland Shared Services.

Susan’s senior roles in government have included:

  • leading the Workforce Strategy for the Health System
  • Senior Executive Director of Business Improvement for the Department of Health
  • Chief Executive of the Queensland Health Renewal Taskforce (Department of the Premier and Cabinet)
  • Executive Director of Financial Services in the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

Susan has also acted in roles as Deputy and Assistant Director-General.
Susan has experience in leading significant organisational change, whole-of-government projects and leading large organisational functions.

Susan has played a leading role in advising Queensland Government agencies on many significant projects, including:

  • assisting the Director-General and Minister for Health by leading a team to implement business improvement initiatives across the State’s health system
  • reporting directly to the Cabinet Budget Review Committee (CBRC) leading a team to implement Queensland Health Reform
  • establishing the finance function of the then PartnerOne shared services initiative with approximately 200 finance staff and negotiating the transition of additional services from client agencies and the respective operating level agreements
  • consolidating approximately 100 finance staff to one central location
  • leading the implementation of the agency pilot of the whole-of-government finance
    business solution (SAP)
  • leading the first implementation of accrual accounting in Queensland Government
  • assisting in the establishment of the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER), the user pays regime in Crown Law and other significant departmental initiatives.

As Crown Law’s Executive Director, Susan oversees the Practice’s business operations and strategic direction, reporting directly to the Crown Solicitor. Susan’s responsibilities include:

  • managing Crown Law’s operations, budgets, systems and human resources to ensure excellent customer service standards are achieved and maintained
  • developing and implementing the Practice’s strategic business plan
  • developing Crown Law as a commercially-viable business and increasing its share of the Queensland Government legal services market
  • leading in the development of appropriate business systems and practices
  • supporting the culture of Crown Law as a customer-focused, results-oriented and commercially-based business
  • encouraging a team environment and increasing the performance potential of our staff.