Michael Prowse

Special Counsel

Michael has been practicing law since 1993. He joined Crown Law in 2006 after working for many years in Central Australia, initially in private practice and then as a Senior Lawyer for the Central Land Council in Alice Springs. Michael has experience at Crown Law in native title and cultural heritage law, State constitutional law, administrative law and in his current role as Special Counsel with the Constitutional and Administrative Law Branch.

As Special Counsel in the Constitutional and Administrative Law Branch, Michael advises and represents Queensland Government departments and agencies across a range of areas under the broad umbrella of government and public law, with a particular focus on administrative and constitutional law matters.

His experience includes:

  • litigation, focusing on advising on and defending applications under the Judicial Review Act 1991
  • advising on a range of issues arising from administrative decision making where ministers, chief executives, their delegates and other decision makers are required to make determinations under Queensland legislation
  • statutory interpretation advice
  • advice with respect to petitions for a pardon made to the Governor and references by the Attorney-General of criminal matters to the Court of Appeal
  • advice on indemnities to ministers, chief executives and State employees who are the subject of litigation or claims arising from their work as public servants
  • assistance with the control and resolution of nuisance and vexatious litigation, where government employees or agencies are targeted, and, advice and assistance where the Attorney-General is requested to assist members of the public who are being subjected to vexatious litigation.