Sunny Munasinghe

Principal Lawyer

Since his admission as a legal practitioner in March 2007, Sunny has worked as both as a prosecutor and defence lawyer and has a broad range of experience in criminal law, civil litigation, mental health proceedings and Commissions of Inquiry.

Sunny initially worked in the area of criminal law for ten years, where he represented clients charged with serious indictable offenses such as manslaughter, complex historical sexual offences, large scale supply and drug trafficking, robberies, frauds and confiscations.

In February 2017 Sunny was admitted as a barrister after successfully completing the Bar Association of Queensland’s Bar Practice Course. Following this, Sunny joined the Office of the Director of Child Protection Litigation (ODCPL) where he honed his child protection litigation skills working as a Principal Lawyer, before joining Crown Law’s Prosecution and other Advocacy Team in April 2018.

At Crown Law, Sunny has acted for, advised and conducted statutory prosecutions on behalf of a wide array of government agencies and departments. Sunny has extensive advocacy experience in various Courts and Tribunals, including Superior Courts and Commissions of Inquiry.

Advocacy and prosecutions

  • Conducting various statutory prosecutions
  • Appearances in the Supreme Court Applications Jurisdiction
  • Appearances on behalf of the Attorney General in Contempt proceedings
  • Appearances in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and Appeal Tribunal
  • Appearances in the Mental Health Court and Mental Health Tribunal
  • Commissions of Inquiry
  • Conduct of matters in the Industrial Relations Commission
  • Various advice work.

Child protection

  • Conducting complex child protection matters on behalf of the Director of Child Protection Litigation (ODCPL), including appearing as Counsel at interim and final hearings
  • Conducting appeals in the Children’s Court of Queensland
  • Exercising independent statutory decision making with respect to the type and duration of orders sought by the Director;
  • Drafting detailed applications (pleadings)
  • Representing the ODCPL at Court Ordered Conferences (mediations).

Criminal law

  • Appearing as advocate at summary trials, committal hearings, sentences and bail applications in the Magistrates Court and Childrens Court
  • Acting for clients in proceeds of crime/confiscations proceedings
  • Appearing as an advocate at sentence hearings and applications in the District and Supreme Court of Queensland
  • Preparing matters for referral to the Mental Health Court
  • Advising clients with respect to Crime and Corruption Commission coercive hearings
  • Appearing as an advocate at domestic violence hearings as both applicant and respondent
  • Preparing applications for leave to cross examine witnesses at committal proceedings and appearing at subsequent directions hearings
  • Settling and preparing a range of legal documents including written submissions, outlines, affidavits, applications, chronologies and general correspondence with law firms and government departments
  • Drafting, filing and serving summons and subpoenas
  • Appearing at extradition hearings.