Right to information and information privacy decision-makers' manuals

Crown Law has developed a comprehensive document comprising two manuals to help agencies, especially decision-makers, understand their obligations under the right to information and information privacy legislation.

Written in plain English, the manuals provide:

  • step-by-step instructions for completing right to information and information privacy processes safely
  • practical tips on assessing applications
  • explanations of key concepts, common exemptions and the ‘public interest test’
  • templates to use at every stage of the process, including responses and notices.

The document is priced at $1000 (excluding GST). Upon purchasing you will be required to sign a copyright licence agreement entitling you to make hard copies and digital copies but only for the internal purposes of your agency/business unit.

View contents.

For further information or to purchase a copy of the Decision-Makers' Manuals, please contact Crown Law’s Business Development Team on 323 96425 or email comms@crownlaw.qld.gov.au..