Working here

The department

The Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG) delivers a wide range of services that underpin a fair, safe and just Queensland.

Challenging and engaging work

The variety and caliber of matters received by Crown Law means that working here is stimulating and personally rewarding. Our work is directly relevant to the community and as part of our team of legal and administrative professionals you’ll be involved in high-profile projects and initiatives across Queensland. Our clients include:

  • all Queensland Government departments and agencies
  • statutory bodies and Government Owned Corporations (GOCs)
  • commercialised business units
  • disciplinary boards and tribunals
  • local government authorities.
Career development 

We are highly-committed to the personal and professional development of all staff through our Leadership Matters and Development Matters programs. We have implemented a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme which requires officers to consistently meet minimum amounts of training each year. 

Job stability

As a part of the Queensland Government, we are committed to maximising employment security for permanent public sector employees.

Salary information

The total remuneration value is comparable to the salary packages often quoted for roles in private industry and includes the base salary, employer’s superannuation contribution (based on the employee contributing five per cent of their salary) and leave loading (additional 17.5 per cent paid on four weeks' recreation leave). 


In DJAG, when an employee contributes five per cent into their superannuation, the department will contribute 12.75 per cent. This compares favourably to the standard 9.5 per cent employer contribution paid by most private employers. For further details regarding the terms and conditions, contact our superannuation provider QSuper via their website

Income protection insurance 

Income protection insurance is provided to permanent and temporary employees making standard member contributions (five per cent employee contribution to superannuation).

Income protection insurance may cover an employee for up to two years if they are temporarily unable to work in their current job due to illness or injury. Eligible employees can receive 75 per cent of their previous years' salary if temporarily unable to work due to illness or injury.

Income protection insurance will not be paid if the illness or injury is related to a pre-existing medical condition in the first seven years of cover.

Salary packaging options

Some employees opt to salary sacrifice. This means that instead of getting all their salary paid as cash, they choose a combination of cash and certain non-cash benefits (items or services purchased and paid for from their 'before tax' salary over a period of time). This can result in tax savings and can contribute to more money in your take home pay.

An employee’s own personal circumstances will determine whether salary packaging will be of benefit. Some of these items attract Fringe Benefits Tax, so it is important for employees to review their own situation with a financial adviser. Remserv Remuneration Services and Smartsalary provide salary packaging services to DJAG. For further details regarding salary packaging contact Remserv via their website or Smartsalary via their website

Leave entitlements

Employees of the department have access to a range of leave entitlements which assists with balancing work and life responsibilities. Access to some of the leave types below will be subject to operational convenience and further discussion and agreement with the relevant manager:

  • Recreation leave – Full-time employees receive four weeks annual recreation leave on full pay (pro rata for part time employees).
  • Parental leave – Parental leave includes maternity, spousal, pre-natal, pre-surrogacy, surrogacy, pre-adoption and adoption leave.
  • Sick leave – All full-time employees receive 10 days' sick leave on full pay per annum (pro rata for part-time employees). Sick leave days which are not used accumulate for the next year.
  • Special leave – Special leave covers many different circumstances and may be granted on full pay (for specific purposes) for up to five days per calendar year or without pay, per reason.
  • Long service leave – Long service leave of 1.3 weeks (pro rata for part time employees) per full year of service is generally available after you have worked continuously in the Queensland Public Service for 10 years. You may be able to take some pro rata long service after seven years.
  • Carer’s leave – Employees may access their sick leave for the purpose of providing care or support to members of their immediate family or household. In addition, an employee may elect, with the consent of the employer, to take unpaid leave for the purpose of providing care to a family member who is ill.
  • Purchased leave or extra leave for proportionate salary – Employees can purchase up to an additional six weeks of annual leave in a 12-month period. The fortnightly salary is proportionally reduced to reflect the additional leave purchased.
  • Christmas closure – Most departmental offices close between Christmas and New Year. During this time, one working day off on full pay is granted without debiting an employee’s leave account.

Flexible working arrangements* 

The department aims to maximise service delivery to the community whilst providing flexibility to its employees. To assist employees balance work and life responsibilities the flexible working arrangements outlined below may be available. These arrangements will be subject to operational convenience and further discussion and agreement with the relevant manager:

  • part-time arrangements
  • job sharing 
  • telecommuting or working from home 
  • accrued/accumulated time 
  • aggregated/averaged hours of work 
  • compressed hours 
  • staggered hours 
  • purchased leave or extra leave for proportionate salary.

Employee Lifestyle and health benefits programs*

Health and wellbeing – The department provides a corporate health and well being program to assist staff manage health and lifestyle issues. The contents of the program are under constant review to ensure they remain effective and responsive.

Corporate private health insurance – Discounts for private health insurance membership are available.

Free counselling – The department offers a voluntary and free confidential counselling and consultancy service for DJAG employees which can be accessed to deal with personal or work-related issues.

* Some employment benefits are provided subject to organisational convenience and may change from time to time.

The material presented above is distributed by the Queensland Government for information only and is subject to change without notice. The Queensland Government disclaims all responsibility and liability (including liability in negligence) for all expenses, losses, damages and costs incurred as a result of the information being inaccurate or incomplete in any way and for any reason. © State of Queensland (Department of Justice and Attorney-General) 2014.