Holly De Bortoli

Executive Director

Holly started with the Department of Justice and Attorney-General in 1999. Prior to this, she worked for 13 years within the private sector, in both Chartered Accounting and Commercial industry roles. She has held a variety of positions within the Queensland Public Sector including Department of Housing and Public Works (Shared Services) and a secondment to Queensland Health.

Before joining Crown Law in February 2008, Holly was responsible for managing the Financial Reporting and Taxation team within PartnerOne, Shared Services, as well as acting for one year in the role of Director, Financial Services, PartnerOne. In this position she managed approximately 100 staff across the disciplines of taxation, statutory reporting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, procurement services, fleet services and telecommunications.

Prior to that Holly was the project manager in the implementation of Shared Services within the Queensland Public Sector involving the creation and collocation of transactional corporate services across the Cluster One agencies of QLD Police, Emergency Services, DJAG and Corrective Services.

Holly’s public sector career commenced as Manager, Financial Operations, DJAG which she undertook for four years.

This experience has provided Holly with a broad range of skills including leadership, project and operational management skills and vast experience in leading and implementing change within the work environment.

Holly has played a leading role in advising and managing a number of projects including:

  • implementing accrual accounting in the Department of Justice and Attorney-General
  • Project manager of the implementation of Shared Services within Qld Government (Cluster One) which involved successfully negotiating the transition of corporate services from cluster one agencies, associated funding requirements  and negotiating the respective operating level agreements
  • physically consolidating approximately 100 finance staff to one central location
  • Project manager for the PREP project implementing a new practice management system and electronic Document and Management System for Crown Law
  • acting as Executive Director, Qld Health, Health Infrastructure Branch to cost services provided to Hospital and Health Services
  • Project Lead, Business innovation and transformation project, Crown Law – tasked with facilitating changes required to move Crown Law to a paper light environment
  • assisting in the development of specifications and testing of the QWIC system from an accounting perspective.

As Executive Director, Holly oversees Crown Law’s business operations and strategic direction, reporting directly to the Crown Solicitor. Holly’s responsibilities include:

  • managing Crown Law’s operations, budgets, business services, information management systems, human resources, library services and business development to ensure excellent customer service standards are achieved and maintained
  • leading strategic direction of Crown Law
  • developing and implementing the Practice’s strategic business plan
  • developing Crown Law as a commercially-viable business and increasing its share of the Queensland Government legal services market
  • leading in the development of appropriate business systems and practices within the practice
  • supporting the culture of Crown Law as a customer-focused, results-oriented and commercially-based business
  • encouraging a supportive work environment and increasing the performance potential of staff.