Margot Clarkson

Special Counsel

Margot specialises in advice and litigation relating to resources law and native title.

Before joining government, Margot worked for several years as a solicitor in private practice, focusing on commercial and regulatory litigation. In 2011 she joined the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel before moving to the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy’s In-house Legal Unit where she provided legal advice to several departments under a shared services arrangement.

In her role at In-house Legal, Margot advised on the interpretation and application of a wide variety of statutes and worked closely with Crown Law’s Administrative Law Team in defending numerous judicial review applications. She also maintained her interest in legislation development and drafting and in 2017 undertook a secondment to Queensland Treasury to work with the project team that developed the Mineral and Energy Resources (Financial Provisioning) Bill 2018.

Having worked in various government roles, Margot is familiar with the complex and increasingly cost-constrained environment in which Crown Law’s clients operate. Her focus is on identifying practical, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions that help clients continue delivering services despite these challenges.

Margot’s recent experience includes advising:

  • the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (and the former Department of Energy and Water Supply) about:
    • the grant, renewal, transfer, surrender and cancellation of resource authorities under the Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Act 2014, the Mineral Resources Act 1989 and the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004
    • the validity with respect to native title of the grant of authorities under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 and the Recreation Areas Management Act 2006
    • the grant of water authorities under the Water Act 2000, including the grant of associated water licences for mining projects
    • dam safety and water supply under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability)  Act 2008
    • management of unallocated State land and term leases under the Land Act 1994
    • the operation of the National Energy Retail Law, the National Electricity Rules and the Electricity Act 1994
    • the implementation of the biofuels mandate and real-time fuel price reporting schemes under the Liquid Fuel Supply Act 1994
  • the Department of Environment and Science (and the former Department of Environment and Heritage Protection) about:
    • the management of contaminated land and waste
    • securing and drawing on financial assurance for mining and resource related activities carried out under environmental authorities
    • the management of protected areas under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 and the Marine Parks Act 2004
  • the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries about:
    • the management of State forests and forestry resources under the Forestry Act 1994
    • biosecurity emergencies under the Biosecurity Act 2014, including white spot syndrome virus and Panama Disease Tropical Race 4
  • departments generally about public sector legislation including the Financial Accountability Act 2009, Information Privacy Act 2009, Integrity Act 1994, Ombudsman Act 2001, Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010, Public Service Act 2008 and the Right to Information Act 2009.