Emma Kuyf

Principal Lawyer

Emma has extensive experience in defendant personal injuries and insurance law. She was formerly a lawyer with Bain Gasteen Lawyers and joined Crown Law in 2006.

Emma was appointed as a Lawyer to the Government Insurance and Risk Team providing legal services to a diverse range of departments including the Department of Education, Training and the Arts, Corrective Services, Queensland Police Service and the Department of Transport.

Emma’s defendant personal injuries and insurance experience includes involvement in a number of complex cases in all court jurisdictions. She has advised and acted in many disputes in the following areas:

  • defence of public liability personal injuries claims on behalf of various State government departments
  • liability of employers for personal injury to employees pursuant to the WorkCover regime
  • compulsory third party personal injury disputes for major motor vehicle insurers;
  • catastrophic claims
  • fraudulent life insurance and income protection claims.