Bill Rogers

A/Deputy Crown Solicitor

Bill specialises in personal injuries law, particularly workers' compensation claims.

Prior to joining Crown Law’s WorkCover Team in 2010, Bill spent a decade in senior managerial positions in WorkCover Queensland, including the Common Law Division, and in private practice.

In 2015, Bill undertook the role of General Counsel for the Commissioner of Police in the Northern Territory where he worked closely with the Commissioner and Leadership Team.

Bill led the Northern Territory Police Legal Team representing the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services on various matters including civil claims against the police, anti-discrimination claims, police disciplinary matters and general interpretation of legislation. While in the Northern Territory, he also acted as the Director of the Northern Territory Litigation Branch for nine months overseeing a wide variety of civil litigation matters.

Bill returned to Crown Law Queensland in 2019 and currently leads the Commercial, Property, Insurance and Risk Branch.

Bill’s experience includes:

  • acting on behalf of WorkCover Queensland in workers’ compensation matters and common law claims
  • acting on behalf of defendants in personal injury claims
  • acting on behalf of defendants in public liability matters, including attending to all steps required under the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 (Qld)
  • drafting court documents, appearing at court applications, attending at both formal and informal settlement conferences and mediations, with and without the use
    of counsel
  • advising on policy and indemnity issues in personal injury claims
  • attending to all steps of trial preparation under the Uniform Civil Procedures Rules 1999 (Qld), Civil Liability Act 2003 and Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003
  • investigating applications for compensation and potential fraud matters
  • making final recommendations to WorkCover as to whether a prosecution
    was pursued
  • assisting the Queensland Government with a project to support private sector companies implement improved human resource practices to reduce psychological injuries in the workplace.