Annette Mackenzie

Principal Lawyer

Annette joined Crown Law in 1998 after working in private practice. Her experience covers a range of planning and environment matters and major projects including:

  • advising on planning aspects of major projects including for airports, light rail and busways
  • conducting due diligence investigations for a major railway project.

Annette has advised in the following areas of planning and environment law:

  • operation of the Planning Act 2016
  • referral agency and assessment manager jurisdiction for development applications including advising on whether conditions are relevant or reasonable
  • ministerial powers under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA) including the power to call in and decide development applications
  • development for public housing
  • development options for development carried out by the State
  • drafting and review of infrastructure agreements
  • claims for hardship acquisition both under SPA and under government policy
  • vegetation clearing
  • environmentally-relevant activities, environmental authorities and environmental offsets under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EPA), SPA and Environmental Offsets Act 2014
  • designation of land for community infrastructure under SPA and the former Integrated Planning Act 1997
  • drafting, reviewing and advising on amendments to legislation including:
    • SPA and State planning instruments
    • Planning Act 2016
    • Transport Infrastructure Act 1994
    • heritage legislation
  • various aspects of the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 including busways, compliance management plans and permitted road access locations
  • development of strategic port land and for a proposed port facility
  • all aspects of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992
  • obligations in respect of contaminated land
  • various aspects of the Local Government Act 2009 including the application of local laws
  • various aspects of the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971 including:
    • State development areas including drafting and amendment of development schemes
    • advice in respect of significant and coordinated projects
  • drafting documentation in property acquisition and sale and leasing transactions to incorporate requirements of Queensland planning and environmental legislation
  • conducting Planning and Environment Court appeals and planning tribunal matters in the Northern Territory.
  • conducting environmental due diligence investigations.