Human Rights

The Human Rights Act 2019 protects 23 human rights. Under the Act, public entities are required to consider human rights and to act, or make decisions, compatibly with human rights. The Human Rights Act also requires Queensland legislation to be interpreted, so far as it is possible to do so, compatibly with human rights.

Crown Law provides representation and advice to the Attorney-General in relation to intervention in proceedings in which a human rights question arises under the Act.

For further information on the Attorney-General’s intervention function under the Human Rights Act, see the Human Rights Act Intervention Guidelines. This includes information about the factors the Attorney-General considers when deciding whether to intervene in a proceeding, and the Attorney-General’s policy regarding costs.

Crown Law also provides advice across Queensland Government on the proper interpretation of Queensland legislation in light of the Human Rights Act.

Our lawyers also provide representation and advice to public entities in relation to human rights complaints made to the Queensland Human Rights Commission, including identifying whether a human right has been engaged and whether the measure represents a justified limit on human rights. We advise clients across Queensland Government on reasonable steps to prevent human rights breaches and how to deal with complaints.