Quality Assurance

Crown Law has developed and implemented a quality management system based on ISO9001:2015.

The ongoing maintenance of our quality management system is crucial and is consistently monitored and improved through checking processes, reviews, auditing processes and innovation through feedback mechanisms. Good record keeping, reviewing and quality auditing are key elements to our Quality Assurance process.

ISO9001:2015 signifies that Crown Law has strong management practices directed at realising clients’ expectations of quality and outcomes.

ISO9001:2015 has a base set of standards and practices, adding specific requirements for legal practices including:

  • knowledge, understanding and compliance with processes and standards
  • demonstrating how processes add value to business and client outcomes
  • evaluating ongoing results of system performance, effectiveness and outcomes
  • risk assessment and management
  • continuous improvement of processes based on objective management.

Crown Law’s compliance with this standard is subject to an annual external audit and is further supported by our continuous improvement philosophy, based on robust client feedback mechanisms and performance management processes.

To view Crown Law's Quality Policy for 2023–2024, please click here.