Crown Law exceeds Equitable Briefing Policy target for 2023-24


Crown Law has exceeded the Law Council of Australia’s equitable briefing policy target for the 2023-34 financial year.

Established in 2016, the Law Council of Australia equitable briefing policy is intended to drive cultural change within the legal profession, support the progression and retention of women barristers, and address the significant pay gap and underrepresentation of women in the superior courts. The policy aims to see female barristers receiving at least 30% of all briefs and at least 30% of the value of all briefs.

Crown Law exceeded this target over the past 12 months with female barristers receiving 43% of all Crown Law briefs and 45% of the value of Crown Law briefs. This is a 7% increase in the number of briefs and a 6% increase in value of briefs from the previous financial year.

Thank you to all our clients and staff who contributed to this figure, and for your ongoing commitment to achieving this target year-on-year.