New ICT contracting framework to replace GITC


Lawyers from Crown Law’s Commercial and Property Team have been working in collaboration with the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI) to develop a new ICT contracting framework for government.

The new ICT framework replaces the current Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) framework and aims to:

  • reduce the cost of doing business with government
  • enable simple and fast procurement
  • retain adequate protection for contracting parties
  • allow contracts to be formed for emerging and innovative ICT products and services.

Implementation of the new framework will commence before the end of the financial year. During an introduction period, government officers will have the choice of using GITC or the new framework.

To assist with the transition to the new framework, Crown Law will be providing free training sessions for government officers. The training session will look at:

  • available contracting options – existing vs. new framework
  • available guidance for choosing a contracting model
  • benefits of using the template general and comprehensive ICT contract conditions instead of the supplier’s standard terms and conditions.

To register, follow the below link to the session you wish to enrol in.

More information about the new ICT framework is available on DSITI’s GITC review and refresh website.