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  • Reference and Research Librarian (Reference #QLD/511210/23)

    Closing date/time: 20 September 2023 11:59pm

    Classification: PO3

    Status: Temporary

    Team: Library Services

    Branch: Practice Management Branch

  • AO3 First Nations Clerkship (Reference #QLD/512596/23)

    Closing date/time: 3 October 2023 11:59pm

    Classification: AO3

    Status: Temporary

    Team: Crown Law

    Branch: Crown Law

  • AO6 Senior Technology Officer (Reference #QLD/514163/23)

    Closing date/time: 4 October 2023 23:59pm

    Classification: AO6

    Status: Permanent full-time

    Team: Business Systems

    Branch: Practice Management Branch

  • PO5 Senior Lawyer (Reference #QLD/515340/23)

    Closing date/time: 10 October 2023 11:59pm

    Classification: PO5

    Status: Temporary

    Team: Native Title and Resources

    Branch: Native Title, Resources and Dispute Resolution

  • PO6 Principal Lawyer (Reference #QLD/516095/23)

    Closing date/time: 13 October 2023 11:59pm

    Classification: PO6

    Status: Permanent full-time

    Team: Workcover

    Branch: Commercial, Property, Insurance and Risk Branch