The role of the Crown Solicitor

The Crown Solicitor is the most senior officer in Crown Law, handling the most difficult legal matters on behalf of the Crown. The Crown Solicitor also acts as the solicitor for the State, providing independent legal advice to the Attorney-General, particularly in the Attorney-General's role as first law officer. 

The professional and ethical standards of Crown Law's legal practice are set by the Crown Solicitor, who also takes responsibility for resolving any real or perceived conflict of interest involving a legal matter being handled by the Practice.

Under the Crown Proceedings Act 1980, any court action taken against the State must be served on the Crown Solicitor. For all legal matters instituted by or against the State of Queensland in which Crown Law acts, the Crown Solicitor is the solicitor on record.

The Crown Solicitor has statutory authority to apply to the Supreme Court to have individuals declared vexatious litigants, under the Vexatious Proceedings Act 2005

The current Crown Solicitor is Greg Cooper who was appointed to the position on 1 November 2008.