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    Low permanent impairment may not equate to low damages

    06 September 2016

    In Martin v Andrews and Anor [2016] QSC 020, the court awarded future economic loss of $750,000 to a person who had been assessed as having a five per cent whole person impairment, despite the fact that an occupational therapist believed the claimant could work at full capacity until retirement age and surveillance footage showed the plaintiff mobilising without apparent difficulty.

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    Café owner pleads guilty to offences against Food Act

    02 September 2016

    On Friday 19 August 2016, Crown Law represented Queensland Health in a prosecution against Bella Vue TC Pty Ltd, trading as Grocer and Grind café, and its executive officer, Ms Taletha March.

  • ILAQ visit

    Indigenous law students visit

    30 August 2016

    Crown Law was visited recently by Indigenous law students to gain a clearer understanding of how we operate and what it might be like to work here.

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    Bar Barrum People’s native title claims #2, #3, #4 and #6

    22 August 2016

    The Federal Court and parties including State representatives travelled to Dimbulah in North Queensland on 10 June 2016 for the consent determinations of native title in four of the Bar Barrum People’s native title determination applications, covering areas of land and waters on the Atherton Tableland in and around the Walsh River.

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    Darumbal People recognised as native title holders

    22 August 2016

    On 21 June 2016, Collier J determined by consent the native title rights of the Darumbal People over part of their claim area which includes the Commonwealth training facility at Shoalwater Bay.